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“…Mary of the morning continues to play in my head and I never want it to leave…” (MLP)

“This is a story from old Fitzroy Street. Of the many ghosts known and those long forgotten, always somewhere close, is the legend of Mary of the Morning…” (GS)


We take an early walk down Fitzroy Street,
to the down and out she’d smile and give
When they ask if she is mortal,
she says upon their thoughts alone she lives
‘Love’ she said ‘lifts everything’,
while letting down her hair
Sure floated me up slowly, as I tumble down the hotel stairs
Mary of the Morning

Behind the light a shadow,
some story of another life
Tales of love and treachery,
the heartbreak and the strife
It’s possible I’m not dying, but likely that I am,
and in that dream of a better place
I’m holding out my hands, to Mary of the Morning

You say it was beautiful,
it could not have been any better
Though the sight I missed may have been finer than the first
It’s possible I’m still sleeping,
floating in your arms
Show your face just one more time,
quench this thirst for you
Mary of the Morning

Hey Mary, Jo’s not doing so well, haven’t seen her since yesterday
No, of course I won’t use the money… you know me Mary, got a cigarette?
I’m going to give up, you know, tomorrow
Hey Mary, those two runaway kids
Sam said she saw them sleeping under the pier
Dangerous down there, some weird guy hanging around
If you’re down there, can you check if you see them
They won’t run away from you

(©Greg Sneddon)