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Souls of Ambience first vinyl LP “A 1000 Tears” is now available on Bandcamp.
All the tracks are original works.

Listen to the Tracks…

1A Thousand Tears6:38Neo Proto-Punk
2Never Drops4:58Psychedelic Rock
3Summer Rain4:53Grunge
4Clarice4:20Rock Ballad
5The Fear TIme7:58Psychedelic Rock
6Grey Street5:21Classical Rock Ballad
7Mary of the Morning3:45Progressive Rock
8The Devil at 4pm4:18Southern Boogie

About the Album…

“Souls of ambience brings you back to the 70’s.
A cross between Gothic, progressive and Psychedelic Rock with a bit of blues thrown in (Devil at 4pm ) stemming from a classical English background.

This album has a haunting keyboard repertoire with a complimentary lead guitar backed by a strong bass rhythm.

The lyrics are surrealistic, moving and beautifully poetic.

The music evokes the subconscious and the lyrics transcends boundaries.”(C&BP)

A 1000 Tears” is a Concept Album, complex and nuanced.

All the songs tell an individual story and stand alone, however they tie together within the exploration of certain themes that run throughout the whole album. Lyrics are about true hard life experiences, loss and hope.

Even though the songs are story-telling in a narrative sense there is also poetry contained within the lyrics, where not everything is spelt out. This allows for an introspective journey where the listener is able to interpret a wide meaning and have a personal take on the lyrics.

The final song ‘The Devil at 4pm’ being the one work that lyrically is unlike the others, in that it repeats lines of a theme. The character’s experience is no doubt also repeated. It is more archetypical than narrative.
One is left wondering who is the devil?, is he/she internal or external?. Even though ‘The devil at 4pm’ is a humorous song, thematically it fits and belongs in this album. As does Kershaw’s ‘Clarice’, a Beautiful song from a different set of writings.

Souls Of Ambience have a distinctive sound, however no one track is the same as another. This album does not fit neatly into a specific genre but sits on the fringes of a few: Progressive rock, Acid Rock, Rock Ballads and even a Southern Boogie track.

Kershaw, George, Taborsky bring their passion for ‘Metal’ music into the overall sound. Sneddon has been influenced by classical music in his song writing and this can be heard, in the undertones of the complex chord changes and stylish compositions.

The synth is played with dynamics as Sneddon pounds the keys, as well as crafting soft nuances. Sneddon has been composing and writing since the early 70’s. This album picks up thematically where his first album ‘Mind Stroll’ (Mushroom Records) left off.

The record is ‘progressive’, with it’s extended song formats – a collection of interconnected songs, varied and never the same.

Reviews & Sticky Notes…

“…A very powerful song that sends a sad but needed message. Listening to this song will evoke many feelings and has the power to create unison, inspiration and change…” (MLP)

“…Even in the midst of fear and emptiness, amongst feelings of loss and the unknown, this song evokes hope and strength…” (MLP)

“…Sung from a perspective of fear, hopelessness and despair, this song will make you cry whilst simultaneously keeping an upbeat and fast passed rhythm – the craftsmanship of this song is incredible…” (MLP)

“…Clarice is a song told from the perspective of a Mother’s daily inner emotion of loss and grief. In dreamy visions of transience.
A story that we all have been touched by in our own lives.
It’s a teary song, the interludes between each verse, with strong sweeping guitar lines and the melody create a beautiful internal space that follows in a gentle rhythm, softly the connection to those gone. The song seems to end too quickly for dreaming, and one feels – Play it again!…” (T.S.)

“…As a person who has lost someone, this song evoked many feelings of sadness, understanding, beauty, and empathy – A tear jerker, but a beautiful one…” (MLP)

“…Grey Street is a sad song that allows the listener space to conjure up personal memories of their own history, whilst the telling of someone else’s story.

The Name of the song ‘Grey street’, may get its name from a place, a real street in the suburb of St Kilda Melbourne Australia, set on the seaside. Familiar to everyone from Melbourne. A few of the other lines such as: ‘The Leering Cars and all-night streetlight lies…’ ‘All the girls you’ve killed…’ ‘Palace wall…’ definitely suggest the actual place. The Palace was a historical building and famous venue in St Kilda that has since burnt down.

But maybe it’s just “Grey’ – the colour- You don’t need to know this actual place to relate to this song, with a strong melody, and timeless lyrics.

For those who don’t know Melbourne or those who are too young, this song is set in the era when St Kilda was a place for the underclass: Students, the poor, street people, working girls… with a strong artist community and immigrants who established European Cafes, cheap hardy foreign food – No English. You could go to the local hamburger shop, order your fish and chips along with heroin. In the 1940’s 50’s famous Australian painters lived and painted here, Such as Albert Tucker and Sydney Nolan.

Grey Street in this song is a place that no longer exists. It’s now a place for the Tourists and the well heeled. An Expensive and exclusive street with Palatial mansions and grand terraces.

At the end of Grey street is located the Crystal Ballroom at The George Hotel. It became known as a pivotal venue for Melbourne’s post-punk scene.

List of bands who played at the Crystal Ballroom:

Greg Sneddon, The Birthday Party, Dead Can Dance, Hunters & Collectors, Crime and the City Solution, The Models, The Moodists, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Saints, The Triffids, The Go-Betweens, The Boys Next Door, Venom P. Stinger, Paul Kelly and the Dots, Cosmic Psychos, among many others…” (T.S.)

“…A beautiful ballad that I cannot wait to play over and over again. There are many sad themes embedded in this song and when combined with the whole album, there is a sense of character progression and real story telling…) (MLP)

“…Mary of the morning continues to play in my head and I never want it to leave…” (MLP)

“This is a story from old Fitzroy Street. Of the many ghosts known and those long forgotten, always somewhere close, is the legend of Mary of the Morning…” (GS)

“…A humorous Southern boogie dance number that drives along…” (T.S)

About the Band…

  • Greg Sneddon: Keys, Lead vox
  • Marek Taborsky: Guitars, BG vox
  • Kevin Kershaw: Bass, BG vox
  • Chris George: Drums, Percussion

70’s prog-rock Keyboard player GREG SNEDDON (LP ‘Mind Stroll’ on Mushroom Records) teamed up with internationally known British New Wave Metal bass player KEVIN KERSHAW (‘Valhalla’, ‘Ztormtrooper’), guitarist MAREK TABORSKY (‘Powerslave’, ‘Fifteen Minutes of Peace’, ‘The Small Victories’) and drummer CHRIS GEORGE (‘Chariot Arcana’) to form SOULS OF AMBIENCE

Other Stuff…

“…Featuring numbers ranging from edgy dance pieces through to extended deep-concept works, Souls of Ambience produce a big live sound. Nuanced-aggressive songs, poignant electro-balads…”

“…The tunes bring attitude yet there are moments of delicate softness, it’s a great combo. Definitely enjoyed the layered textures…”

All songs Music & Lyrics by: Greg Sneddon, except ‘Clarice’ Lyrics by: Kevin Kershaw & Sally Kershaw, Music by: K. Kershaw & G. Sneddon

All arrangements by: Souls of Ambience

The album was recorded at DeBasement studios, Melbourne, engineered by Dan Murtagh.

Cover art & Photography: Tanya Stawitzki

Greg Sneddon +61 428 861 000 email:

Kevin Kershaw +61 432 020 570 email:

(©Souls of Ambience 2024, all rights reserved)