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“The challenge crafting this song was how to create a multi-layered narrative, considering the perspective and with respect for each of the characters, while maintaining some humour and not letting the blackness of this true story get just too dark…” (GS)


Strange and spooky, that time of night, when I’ve had enough cones to let out the fright
I don’t feel angry, its a split second crash into smashing and yelling
Its the fear time, I’m so wired, so tired

Neighbours don’t smoke, so locked in my room, the music turns purple, there’s cops on the roof
Under the bed some dead thing lurks, I can smell it from here,
crouched near the TV, I try not to breathe, but they know I’m inside
It’s the fear time, I’m so wired, so tired

Didn’t know I would snap, so maybe the weed was packed too tight
I don’t know, I was happy, then bang I’m screaming and kicking things,
breaking things, then its all over, I look at the damage and the face of my brother,
The car siren wails or is it my head
and maybe under the bed the dead thing that smells so bad is me
Its the fear time, I am so wired, so tired

Pack your bags we’re moving again, say goodbye to another town
Where to this time at 5am, now the yelling’s stopped and the tears are cold
Get your stuff we’re out of here, one more school, some lonely town
You ask me why I’ve got no friends, how many friends have I left behind
Oh mother who’s that calling you now, is that your darling baby girl
Somewhere in this dream a voice is coming out of nowhere
Crash, I’m falling sideways, staring at my father
Mum is floating elsewhere, tears trickle down her face
She say don’t worry baby, nothing hurts me any more

I drown my soul to end the cold nights,
but the midnight highs don’t work any more
Don’t break mother, my heart’s already broken

Sometimes I dream of another life, settle in one place for a while
Get a job, take care of mum, never again be forced to run
Lying awake in the dark and thinking, were mum and I born with broken hearts
What did we do to deserve such pain, now its 5am and we’re moving again
My my really touched something this time, just can’t take another night going down
I lash out slow, grab an arm, hang on tight
Crashing glass around me, wild eyes free of reason
Slowly things go quiet, people crying in the wreckage
I say don’t worry baby, nothing hurts me any more

Neighbours don’t smoke, up in my room, the music turns beautiful
There’s angels, I think they are angels, smiling at me
I try to just breathe, like I’m really here, but am I?
If not, what is this wind, flying around like some magical dancer
Its the fear time, I’m so wired, so tired

(©Greg Sneddon)